Shauna Who?

Shauna LaVoy Reynolds
 Hi! I’m Shauna LaVoy Reynolds, and I’m trying to make the world a lovelier place by writing uncommon stories for uncommon children. I live in a house full of books outside of Nashville, Tennessee with my husband David, our weird and wonderful children, a little old schnoodle and a giant puppy poodle.

I have been a Book Person for as long as I can remember. I was the kid pleading to stay up late enough to read one more chapter — and another, and another. Now I’m raising two small Book People who share my passion for words and stories. (They also share my passion for baked goods and silliness — nature or nurture? We will never know.) It’s a thrilling responsibility.

If my stories leave anyone begging to stay up past bedtime, I’ll know I’m doing my job correctly.

Shauna Fun Facts!

(Because everyone loves fun facts, right?)

  1. I don’t own any plain white socks. Some of my favorite socks are printed with manatees, superhero chickens, fried eggs, and sloths.
  2. I once took an aerial tour of Atlanta on the Goodyear Blimp. It was amazing!
  3. At 5’11” I might seem tall, but among my mom, dad, and baby brother I am the shortest. I’m the tallest person in my house now, but my kids are catching up fast!
  4. I have lived in six different states, but have been in my current home of Tennessee the longest.
  5. My favorite book of all time is Charlotte’s Web, but I’m afraid of spiders.
  6. I’m allergic to most dogs, but poodles don’t bother me. They are my favorite animal on this planet. Narwhals are a close second.
  7. My favorite food is birthday cake, with regular non-birthday cake at a close second.
  8. I like breakfast for dinner better than breakfast for breakfast. Especially Nightwaffles. (They’re waffles, but later.)
  9. I’m the founder and president of the Green Pants Club. If you’re wearing green pants, you’re probably a member and don’t even know it.
  10. All my favorite jobs have involved books. I’ve worked in a bookstore, sold books at a toy store, and worked at public libraries. Now I get to write books and can’t wait to see them on the shelves at all of those places!