Affiliations and Such

 Notable19s is a group of authors and illustrators debuting in 2019. We will be blogging about our experiences as the year approaches and as our books make their way into the world. If you’re looking for more spectacular picture books, this is a talented bunch.


scbwiI joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators in 2014 and recommend the same for anyone pursuing writing (or illustrating!) stories for young people. I’m a proud part of the mighty Midsouth region!


twelvetwelveIn 2015 I was awarded a scholarship to participate in Julie Hedlund’s 12×12 Challenge. Over the course of the year I connected with a priceless critique group and was motivated to write several picture book manuscripts — including POETREE! Highly recommended for aspiring picture book people!

piboidmo2015 was also my 4th year of PiBoIdMo. Author Tara Lazar’s blog is a fantastic source year round, but it’s a treat every November. I have a list of dozens of picture book ideas thanks to this annual celebration of bright ideas. A few of them are even decent.


Now PiBoIdMo is Storystorm! Tara has expanded the challenge to include any story ideas, not just those for picture books. January 2018 brought me 31 brilliant ideas! (Okay, maybe only 6* were brilliant. But that’s something, right?)

*5 1/2. 5 1/2 were brilliant.