Say Hey

Want to say “hey?” Here are a few ways:

Twitter is my number one favorite tool for communication and procrastination. It would make my day if you would follow me for thoughts on books, weird quotes from my kids, and general silliness.

(Click above to find and follow @slr on Twitter!)

And then there’s Instagram, where I am keeping sort of a visual journal of my life as a writer (and reader!)


(Click above to find and follow @SLRbooks on Instagram!)

Do you need to say “hey” to my literary agent? Here is her contact information:

Adriana Dominguez
Full Circle Literary
(East Coast Office)
858/824.9269 tel/fax

Hearing directly from readers makes me super happy! Please say “hey” with the form below. Or click here to subscribe to “Uncommon Updates” and receive my occasional TinyLetter. I’ll send you infrequent updates with news about my books, pictures of fuzzy animals, and other information that I hope you’ll find splendid.

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